Our Ethos

Our Ethos is that nothing should be wasted; not people, land, nor materials. 

We are a social enterprise proudly based in Inverclyde, a part of the country built a quarter of the worlds shipping- but now is experiencing generational unemployment. We work with local community groups, encouraging people to build their confidence so they can return to the workforce. We aim to tackle the issues of poverty and social isolation by employing our local community in living wage employment.

Our barrels are sourced from Scotland's last non-mechanised cooperage. Scotland coopering industry is world famous, but in a precarious position, with only 400 independent coopers nationally. Fishers Cooperage is still family owned and run. With a keen passion for all things barrels, they run full 4 year apprenticeships- ensuring the survival of this traditional craft. We only source barrels that can't be used in the whisky process again- essentially saving them from becoming firewood.